Nghinh Ong Song Doc Festival – Ca Mau

Nghinh Ong Song Doc Festival is a community cultural event, a traditional folklore festival with the deep humanistic meaning and faithfulness of fishermen in the sea. At Nghinh Ong Ceremony, the first was the unicorn, the drum, followed by Long Dinh, the master, the vicar, the delegates of the dignitaries, the pupils of the feast, the women’s army, the concubine and the people gradually lined up and heading for the harbor.

When arriving at Song Doc jetty, the ceremony was conducted directly on the big boat. At the same time, hundreds of fishing boats and other boats are ready to escort offshore.

Lăng Ông Nam Hải tại thị trấn Sông Đốc - Ảnh: Hoài Vũ

The train slowly departs from the wharf towards the estuary and proceeds straight to the sea in a jubilant atmosphere, brilliant colors. The train slowly proceeds to the sea about 10 km, the new boss board to the ceremony to ask Ông. The new boat delegation returned to the tombs continue sacrifice.

All ritual sacrifices are said to honor the “god of the South Sea” to show the friendly relationship between human beings with the “grace”.

Các vị chức sắc chuẩn bị rước Long Đình

Chiếc tàu chính chở Long Đình, cờ hoa lộng lẫy đang từ từ ra khơi - Ảnh: H.Vũ