Thi Tuong Lagoon – Ca Mau

Thi Tuong Lagoon is the last point of the southernmost point of the Viet Nam, crossing two districts of Cai Nuoc – Tran Van Thoi, sedimented sediment of My Binh River, Ong Doc River and full of resources from four seaports: River (Quoco) – My Binh door – Coconut door and Phu Tan door, surrounded by coconut water.

The widest width of Thi Tuong Lagoon is 2 km, the smallest is 700m. The length of 10 km is divided into three: upper, middle and back. This wetland is both fresh water, brackish water and salt water.

At present, there are many dense foliage in Thi Tuong Lagoon. Everyday, early in the morning and at sunset sunset fishing on the lagoon is bustling with a variety of means such as boats, fishing nets… Especially when the night let down, thousands of oil lamps, electric lights shimmer on the surface of the dress like flower festival. Come here, visitors will feel the beauty of nature and enjoy the specialties of fish and shrimp in the countryside.

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